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Student Testimonials Vol. 5

Becoming a Role Model


“Kumon has taught me to be patient and to persevere. It taught me the value of discipline.”

5 years old (Kinder)

My Kumon journey started when I was 5 years old, way back in May 2003. It was my dad, Satoru, who gave me an idea of what Kumon is. My mom and I then agreed that we should try it out. I thought it was all about numbers. I started at the level 4A (writing numbers and counting dots). I was also very shy then. However, I slowly got used to my surroundings and interacted with others.

The worksheets started easy, but it got harder as I moved up to higher levels. I realized that my task was difficult when I was on level D (multiplication, division, fractions). When I reached level J (algebraic expressions, factorization, quadratic and simultaneous equations), I began having a difficult time balancing my school work and school projects together with my Kumon assignments. Also, during summer vacations, my family and I usually go out of the country so I take my worksheets with me. I learned to divide my time enjoying and answering my Kumon worksheets during summer.

I have also learned to balance my Kumon and regular school. To be honest, there were times when the thought of stopping crossed my mind. But when I reached level M (trigonometric functions, equations of straight lines and circles), I had a concrete goal of finishing the program, although I would sleep late just to do one worksheet. I overcame it by remembering that if I didn’t do it, I’d have to answer all of my assignments in one day. Besides, I am so close to finishing the program and I would have wasted my time if I stopped. After all, my desire to complete the program was very strong.

Being one of the youngest completers in the Philippines, I would like to impart my experience and serve as an example not only to Kumon students but to all children as well. I have realized that my Kumon journey has molded me to become a good role model, who is responsible, focused, and determined. Kumon has taught me to be patient and to persevere. It t