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Student Testimonials Vol. 5

Becoming a Role Model


“Kumon has taught me to be patient and to persevere. It taught me the value of discipline.”

5 years old (Kinder)

My Kumon journey started when I was 5 years old, way back in May 2003. It was my dad, Satoru, who gave me an idea of what Kumon is. My mom and I then agreed that we should try it out. I thought it was all about numbers. I started at the level 4A (writing numbers and counting dots). I was also very shy then. However, I slowly got used to my surroundings and interacted with others.

The worksheets started easy, but it got harder as I moved up to higher levels. I realized that my task was difficult when I was on level D (multiplication, division, fractions). When I reached level J (algebraic expressions, factorization, quadratic and simultaneous equations), I began having a difficult time balancing my school work and school projects together with my Kumon assignments. Also, during summer vacations, my family and I usually go out of the country so I take my worksheets with me. I learned to divide my time enjoying and answering my Kumon worksheets during summer.

I have also learned to balance my Kumon and regular school. To be honest, there were times when the thought of stopping crossed my mind. But when I reached level M (trigonometric functions, equations of straight lines and circles), I had a concrete goal of finishing the program, although I would sleep late just to do one worksheet. I overcame it by remembering that if I didn’t do it, I’d have to answer all of my assignments in one day. Besides, I am so close to finishing the program and I would have wasted my time if I stopped. After all, my desire to complete the program was very strong.

Being one of the youngest completers in the Philippines, I would like to impart my experience and serve as an example not only to Kumon students but to all children as well. I have realized that my Kumon journey has molded me to become a good role model, who is responsible, focused, and determined. Kumon has taught me to be patient and to persevere. It taught me the value of discipline. To all students, do not forget that to be a Kumon completer, you must be hardworking, diligent, and most of all, one who pursues his or her dreams in life. I am proud to say that I have completed the Kumon Math and Reading Programs. I believe that you can too!

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