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Student Testimonials Vol. 14

The Dream of the Achievers

John Perry Carpio

No matter how many times we fall, the victors are those who rise each time they fall.

12 years old (First Year High School)

Life starts with choosing your path, the path that guides you towards your dreams.

In playing DOTA, a networking game, you are free to choose your HERO. If your character was born with a golden spoon in his mouth or in the poorest family in town, still, life is fair. No matter how weak we start, in the end, those who have determination, skills, interest, and those who are inspired, always win.

In life, there are many choices we have to make, and it’s up to you which way to go.

But this is not easy at all. Similar to the game DOTA, in every path we choose, there will be ENEMY CREEPS who destruct and push you to quit. But don’t be afraid because there will always be FRIEND CREEPS who are willing to help us achieve our dreams. If we liken this game to Kumon, your FRIEND CREEPS are the Kumon instructors, family, friends, and other people who have trust in your ability to push every TOWER that comes your way, pushes you to quit, and ruins your will to survive. When you know you’re not strong enough to face your problem all by yourself, never fight alone without your FRIEND CREEPS.

As your HERO turns red as it weakens, likewise, you can always walk back to your base when you become tired. Remember no matter how many times we fall, victors are the people who rise each time they fall.

Similar to DOTA, we need GOLD to survive our Kumon journey. It could be money, and sometimes it could be TIME. For me, it also refers to the attitude and virtues that we have. No one is rich enough to buy back yesterday, but if you have the character to do better things today, you would be the richest one tomorrow.

In every challenge we experience, be happy if we are still standing, but be happier if you learn something from it.

Keep on learning, keep on fighting, keep on aiming, keep on loving, and keep on achieving your DOTA - the Dream of the Achievers.

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