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Student Testimonials Vol. 13

Reading my Way to Success

Audrey Kim Mallari

"If you work hard and have confidence in yourself, you can surely do better."

4 years old (Nursery)

My first impression of Kumon was that it was just like school—everybody has to do it. Because the first few levels of the Reading Program were just short stories, I thought Kumon was fun and it was just about reading these stories. It was easy; I was not scared and neither did I suffer in doing my worksheets.

But just like all the other Kumon students, there came a time when I started saying, “I don’t want to do this anymore! Kumon is so hard.” My desire to quit started last year when I reached the higher levels, the levels near the “Gate of Completion.” These levels contained deep words and the works of Shakespeare. I hated checking the dictionary to know the meaning of these words, so I would just make a guess; and occasionally, when all these Kumon worksheets would pile up in front of me, I would suddenly feel sleepy and tired. And so I found ways to avoid doing my worksheets by hiding them anywhere, but my mom found out what I was doing. It was pretty hard, but with the help of my teachers, parents, and my brother Aldrin, I finally made it!

Five years ago, before I started Kumon, I wasn’t very good with reading and vocabulary; I can only read and understand very few words. But because of Kumon, my vocabulary expanded and in no time, I was able to read a whole book! As I learned how to read, I also learned how to love books, and that’s when I became a bookworm. I love books so much that I always go to my school’s library.

Also, a friendly competition somehow inspired me; my brother’s nearing program completion and though I wanted to reach the higher levels faster than him, I couldn’t catch up with his pace! I kept thinking to myself that if he’s good, I’m better. My teachers, who always believed in me, also encouraged me to do better and faster than my brother.

Someday, I want to be an international tycoon and keep our business running. But if I want to communicate with clients in other countries, I must learn and speak proper English.

Everybody I ask says Kumon is difficult. But I always think that it’s just my imagination. It’s not hard. We just think it is. If you work hard and have confidence in yourself, you can surely do better.

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