4 Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

Being at home with your child gives you many opportunities to bond and discuss matters with him/her. It is also equally important to guide your child as he/she grows up, which means that you would have to take in the responsibility of understanding your child, and making yourself understood as a parent.

To be understood by your child, you first need to communicate with him/her effectively. If you can find the most effective way to communicate with your child, then guiding him/her towards the right path won’t be too difficult.

Guiding your child in his/her study is the same as reinforcing his/her learning at home. Here are four ways you can consider in guiding your child’s learning at home:

Listen to your child’s needs.

Be attentive to your child’s needs and give undivided attention. Show him/her that you are listening by nodding and smiling at specific points, or by affirming through your responses. Whenever your child honestly tells you the things he/she needs, do not interrupt. Instead, allow your child to explain while genuinely listening to him/her.


Acknowledge your child’s feelings.

Whenever your child shares his/her feelings on some matters, this is a good indicator that your child is openly expressive. Always consider his/her side before you share any reaction or advice. If your child experiences challenges in understanding lessons, the best way to respond is to acknowledge that his/her feelings are valid. Then, you can start working on the problem together.



Offer help whenever you can.

As parents, you would always want to offer a helping hand to your child – no matter what the situation is. Keep in mind that it is also essential that your child develops a sense of ownership for his/her actions. You can offer assistance by planning together on specific steps he/she can take to reach a solution. This act shows your child that you are in it together and that his/her ideas matter.



Reinforce positive praise.

Praise and acknowledge your child once he/she has achieved a goal. Consequently, reassure him/her that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes and that all efforts are always acknowledged. Being a parent with a heart of appreciation will encourage your child to emulate that same attitude as he/she grows up.




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