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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Susan Seva

Starting this business at an early age was just one of the challenges I had to face. Overcoming them is truly worth it as seeing my students’ achievements and how the parents appreciate our work. The feeling of having contributed to the well-being of other people is priceless. Far more than the financial gains, putting up a Kumon Center also meant she could contribute to her community by developing the youth of her hometown.

Leah Alvero

I am especially grateful to Kumon for the opportunity to help not just my children but the many children in my community. It’s truly the most inspiring thing in the world — to be a part of a life-changing moment in a child’s life, to make a difference in his life. Nothing comes close to it.

Girlie Rocero

The sweetness and sincerity that students show when you hear them say ‘Thank you for helping me not to give up’ or ‘Thank you for being my friend’ are more than enough reasons for me to wake up each day with energy.

Roanna Santos

Banking on my stint in working in a broadcasting network right after college, I was overwhelmed on how I could manage the Center both as an Instructor and as a business person. Throughout these early struggles, I let the learner in me shine: I asked help from more senior Instructors. This attitude of ‘keep learning’ helps in making me feel (and perhaps look) young. I am just so blessed to be stressed.

Susan Carag

After seeing the effects of Kumon on my daughter, I decided to put up my own Kumon Center in Tuguegarao. Inspired by internationally recognized co-Instructors to whom I draw learning and strength, it made me ponder on what I want to do. Yes, I want to grow old in Kumon. I will be in Kumon for as long as I can.

Grace Bocobo

After living abroad for ten years as a global accounts administrator for mutual funds and handling portfolio accounts in California, U.S.A., my husband and I decided to come back and live in the Philippines. Comparing the situation here and in the US, there’s something missing here and it’s a waste to see intelligent people not being given the proper opportunity to learn and train. With my desire to put up a business that serves a higher purpose and contributes to the community, being a Kumon Instructor was and continues to be a perfect fit.

Audrey Tan

The respect that I get as a Kumon Instructor follows me even in the supermarket, social media, etc. I know that, somehow, I am a part of whatever success they have and will achieve. More than teaching Math and Reading, I want to be remembered as a Kumon Instructor who taught children how to live.

Winnie Tan

I wanted Kumon for my children, and I eventually wanted it for my community in Zamboanga, too. With 11 years under my belt, I believe that there is more to come and more to look forward to as I feel that I will grow old in Kumon.