What You Get From Math

From then until now, it is still a fact that a lot of people often say that being good at math equates to a lot of opportunities. If you remember how your classmates were achievers because they are considered as “math wizards,” you have probably experienced being pushed by your parents to be as good as them. You may not have understood what the advantages were back then when you were a child; but now as a parent yourself, you often say the same thing to your child these days.

What is it that a child gains from being good with numbers? Here are four basic benefits he can acquire:

  • Analytical skill and attitude

From solving problems of basic operations to problems with limits, your child learns to look at the problem in parts and as a whole. He learns to pay attention to every detail and assumption possible, and to break down one big complicated problem into a series of easier steps. He also develops the thinking of making sure that all results are accurate. This is a skill that your child will be able to apply in other subjects in school as well – like science and history.

  • Openness to challenges

Math problems are not easy – some seem difficult and impossible. With a high level of math ability and analytical skill, your child learns how to solve even the most challenging problems. He may also apply this skill to other types of challenges he may encounter in life. Your child develops self-confidence and endurance to overcome challenges until the end – no matter what they are and what the end result may be.

  • Work ethic

There is a go-getter type of mentality that your child develops. He knows what his responsibilities are and is particular in making being on time with deadlines. He does not make excuses for any shortcomings and he has a sense of accountability. Your child does not give up easily because he knows that every problem has a solution – and that he can get to it with effort and hard work.

  • Careers and opportunities

All college entrance tests put a big focus on math – with problems ranging from the most simple to the most complicated. Also, the most in demand careers require mastery and knowledge in math. All the above mentioned skills and attitude are highly valued by renowned companies. Analytical ability in math signals that your child is capable of analysis and deduction in other fields of study. Be it an engineer, architect, broker or lawyer – math and what math has to offer comes in handy.



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