Why You Should Invest In Your Passion For Teaching

Don’t lose it; hone it

We all have a shared passion for teaching. It might not always be about the same topics or themes, but each of us has an innate calling to help who we can and pass on what we know. And if your passion is specific to the classroom and giving kids the opportunity to reach their full potential, this is the sign you might be waiting for to pursue it. 

Let nothing stop you, least of all yourself. But in case you need a little more convincing in a world that might have pushed you to go into law or medicine, here’s why you can and should pursue your passion for teaching:

  • It’s called a passion for a reason

When you decide to follow your passion, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to feel fulfilled at the end of every tiring day. You’re giving yourself the chance to follow your purpose with the knowledge that what you’re doing is exactly what you need to be doing. Following your calling to teach is saying yes to yourself and ensuring that there are no regrets. 

  • Education is a necessity—there will always be a demand for it

If the last year in lockdown has taught us anything, it’s this: there are few necessities we cannot go without, and one of them is education. Because while some stores closed shop entirely, schools world-over had to quickly adapt to remote learning in order to service a demand that never went away. 

It was a challenge educators unsurprisingly rose to, and it proved that education will always be important and something that millions will continue to look for. 

  • It’s a long-term commitment with longer-term benefits

Teaching is not a one-stop career; it’s a long-term commitment that will require hours of your days and years of your life. You will meet countless students, parents, and co-teachers along the way—and you will benefit from these interactions as much as they will benefit from you. 

Just think about the first time you learned to solve an equation or learned about the history of your people. Think about the lessons, in and outside the classroom, that have stayed with you throughout the years and helped shape you as a person. This is the real deal: your passion for teaching will go beyond books and a carefully planned activity. Your commitment to teaching will reap benefits long after the syllabus is finished. 

  • It’s a constant challenge 

The great thing about human intelligence is that it never stops evolving. Every day, something new is being discovered, and new solutions are being carried out. In this way, pursuing a career in education will keep you on your toes. 

While you challenge your students to finish their worksheets and activities, they will challenge you to think outside the box as they do, just as the rest of the world will challenge you to constantly learn more yourself. 

  • There are different avenues to explore

More often than not, the hesitation in exploring a teaching career lies in a misunderstanding. Because while lesson plans and classrooms are a definite prerequisite, that isn’t all it’s about. 

Pursuing your passion for teaching could very well mean owning your own education center one day, which would allow you to really help children and young adults form and hone the skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. And as a bonus, it also gives you the opportunity to create a community for like-minded individuals with the same passions as you. 

If you’re doubting why you should invest in your passion for teaching, the quick answer is that it’s not only an investment in yourself, it’s an investment in the children whose minds and hearts you’ll be touching, in a future you hope to give them and yourself. It’s a purpose that will continue to give you purpose. 

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