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Becoming A Kumon Franchise Instructor

What the Kumon Instructor Aims for:
The Pursuit of Potential

The Kumon Instructor is committed to nurture children in his or her community with life skills, to enable them to live their lives happily and to the fullest, with dreams and goals, with a willingness to face challenges, and with the motivation to try new things proactively and enthusiastically.

What the Kumon Instructor Values

  • Committed to each child’s development and growth
  • Together with like-minded associates around the world, Kumon Instructors support children in their communities to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • In the Center, the Kumon Instructor observes how each student grows and develops and acknowledges the students’ development by praising them for their achievements and encouraging them to take on further challenges.


The following steps are for those who wish to open their own Kumon Center in the Philippines.

  • Attend the scheduled Franchise Orientation at the Head Office
  • Pass the Math and Reading tests
  • Pass the interview
  • Secure a suitable and approved location/site for a Kumon Center
  • Attend the New Instructor Training and In-class Training
  • Set up the Center
  • Sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the Franchise Fee


  • To become a Kumon Instructor in the Philippines, applicants should fulfill the following criteria:


  • Preferably female
  • College or university graduate
  • Have good Math and English skills (an examination is given on the date of the orientation)
  • Between 25 – 45 years of age
  • Enthusiastic to help children
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills (interview required)
  • Willingness to commit full-time to Kumon
  • Holds a Filipino Citizenship

Franchise Orientation


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Franchise Orientation Schedule

Being a Kumon Franchisee-Instructor gives you the opportunity to contribute to your community, pursue your passion, and make a difference in a student’s development and progress.

If you are passionate about children and education, and you also want to put up your own business, then Kumon is a great fit for you. Attend any of the Franchise Orientations dates below to know more about the method and the franchising procedure.

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